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31 Idream (Idol Dreams)
Turn Back Time

Listed as: 31 Idream (Idol Dreams)
Online since: March 20, 2016
Members: 3 (0 Pending )
Category: Anime/Manga: Series
Claymore - Clare

Listed as: Claymore - Clare
Online since: July 8, 2009
Members: 23 (0 Pending )
Category: Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Comments: Claymore is one of my favourite animanga, and the main character Clare is far from being a typical manga girl. She is strong and determined to avenge the person dearest to her.
Nana: Komatsu Nana (Hachi) & Terashima Nobuo (Nobu)

Listed as: Nana: Komatsu Nana (Hachi) & Terashima Nobuo (Nobu)
Online since: February 28, 2016
Members: 7 (0 Pending )
Category: Anime/Manga: Relationships
Comments: Hachi & Nobu are quite similar, I really like the two of them together. We don't know how their relationship will end since the manga is on hiatus, but we do know that both care about each other. Either way I enjoy their relationship, but it would be so sad if they don't finally get each other. I think they would be a great married couple.
Tenchi Muyo! - Masaki Achika
Jurai Princess

Listed as: Tenchi Muyo! - Masaki Achika
Online since: August 10, 2005
Members: 46 (0 Pending )
Category: Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Comments: Achika was one of my first favourite anime characters, it's simply an old love I'll always hold dear. She doesn't have a big role in the series, but she's such an adorable character. She is like the perfect girl, and she looks super cool when she transforms! I would love to have a kimono like hers.

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