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Hamasaki, Ayumi - A Song for XX
No Place

Listed as: Hamasaki, Ayumi - A Song for XX
Online since: January 17, 2015
Members: 7 (0 Pending )
Category: Songs: Female Solo
Comments: It actually took some time until I noticed this song, but I fell hard for it when I finally did. I saw myself in the lyrics many years ago.
Hamasaki, Ayumi - Concerts of
Emotional Perfomer

Listed as: Hamasaki, Ayumi - Concerts of
Online since: November 19, 2010
Members: 8 (0 Pending )
Category: Music Miscellany
Comments: I absolutely love watching Ayu's live performances. She sings great and knows how to give her viewers an entertaining show!
Hamasaki, Ayumi - Moments

Listed as: Hamasaki, Ayumi - Moments
Online since: October 27, 2006
Members: 37 (0 Pending )
Category: Songs: Female Solo
Comments: It took me some years to love Ayu, it was this song that changed my mind. It's a beautiful and mystical song.
Hamasaki, Ayumi - progress
Move On

Listed as: Hamasaki, Ayumi - progress
Online since: August 29, 2011
Members: 11 (0 Pending )
Categories: Songs: Female Solo & Game Music
Comments: I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it in a Tales of Xillia trailer. progress is used as the opening song in the game Tales of Xillia.

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