gently show us the continuation of our dreams

Phantasy.nu is the current home of my fanlistings. I bought it on 7th January, 2016.
Aerith.se and Yummy.nu are two of my old fanlisting domains, I still own Yummy.nu, but it only houses my collective directory Yummy Networks. I got tired of adding and removing fanlistings at my main collective Potion.nu, so I decided to buy a new domain just for my fanlistings and have a fanlisting collective again. The script Listing Admin by Tess makes everything so much easier, it's perfect for a lazy person like me :)


Version 1 features the J-pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki. It was designed and coded by my kind friend Mei. She has the dark version of the layout at her own domain, you should check it out! It's gorgeous.


I originally planned to use something related to Ayu and started going through her discography. But I didn't come up with anything that made me think "this one really suits me!". When surfing around the internet, my eyes got stuck on the word Phantasy. Fantasy/fantasies and dreams are something I always come back to, so I ended up with Phantasy.nu.

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Phantasy.nu belongs to Evey since 2016-2017. It is part of potion.nu. Visit here for updates. Layout features Ayumi Hamasaki and is shared with Mei of tyriamisu.me and is not meant to be shared, edited or used elsewhere. For more credits, see this page.